Good Morning to all,

It is a hot summer day fairly early in the morning. I am thinking of all the stresses I have been through over the last couple of months. I find my self going to my job at a Day Camp with children ages 5-12. The kids are very disrespectful to the counselors. When they are ask to do something they ignore it and do what they want. They gripe and complain about having to be outside for short periods of time, and not being able to eat lunch early enough, and they whine and they throw themselves on the floor, they lie, they hit each other they argue constantly. They are disrespectful to the building we are using, which is a church. I am just sobbing over the behavior of these children. Then there are the parent's, and that is another story, they are almost just as bad.

The question in my mind is "Why is there so much disrespect with these children"? I think the answer is the children are not taught to be respectful at home. The parents are to busy working and doing other things than spending quality time as a family which is almost unheard of these days. The latest technology such as games, cell phones, I-Pods are also contributing to this whole scenario. Some kids are addicted to these games and the games are violent. Some parent's think its ok for the kids to do this because they are content. When a child is content the parent doesn't want to bother them. But people, don't you see, the way that they are content is teaching them violence and to be disrespectful. They are learning to behave this way by what they are seeing and playing. I pray that all parents who read this will take away all the materialistic things that teach bad behavior. I pray that the parents will start to discipline their kids at home and teach them to be respectful.

Where is God in all these people's lives? Would God be ok with kids being disrespectful? Would God be ok with all these video games and parents just letting there kids play them? The answer to these questions is NO. God is sobbing and waiting for these kids and parents to come to him. He is the way. I pray that all who read this will stop the violence and disrespect by disciplining yourself and your kids (if you have kids) to be thankful for what you have and pray to God everyday and ask him to give you the strength you need to make it through each day.

In Christ,


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